Mercury in Retrograde?

Crystals you can use


We’ve been given an opportunity to turn inward, reevaluate , and reprioritize on a much deeper level. It takes our conscious choice to do so. With every action, thereโ€™s a reaction so why not make the best of what curve balls are thrown at us?

Mercury just chillin in itโ€™s home sign Gemini this time around like itโ€™s the thing to do ๐Ÿ˜… In astrology, Mercury is our quick and logical thinking planet. The downside to this transit is that it amplifies restlessness, miscommunications, and our lives may feel out of order or confusing because of our lack of patience and attention. Since its in retrograde, we can slow things down and process the areas of our lives that feel confusing – only to release what isn’t working for us anymore. So when this retrograde is over we can move forward feeling much lighter and more confident knowing we’ve successfully conquered what was ultimately holding us back, it just took us being mindful and taking the necessary steps to doing better for ourselves during curve balls.

It is so easily to do on a regular day but when we have alignments in our planets changing, the moon shifting things can escalate so mentally prepare for inaccuracies, indecisiveness, and a cloudy mind. Do your best to remain patient if you experience the annoying little delays, glitches, or crossed wires in electronics. Utilize this time to practice more compassion and empathy not just for yourself but for others. Journal your thoughts when feeling discombobulated or confused as what to say is a good way of practicing mindfulness. Most importantly, forgive yourself and others if mistakes are made because we are only human. Remember each of us are going through our own version of hell right?! But we create our reality and it doesnโ€™t have to feel like hell. So if you are having a bad day, someone else may have it worse. The power of forgiveness can be a HUGE blessing during all the chaos.

Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of negative hype, but please just remember: We control our reality



Ascension, Signs, Symptoms…

What is Ascension? by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It’s a personal choice to boldly step into the unknown in order to expand into an experience that is entirely new. Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness. It’s like we experience a death of our own in some sort. Where we outgrow people, places, and things. It’s messy and there is and was many grieving processes for me and many others. Ascension is merging with your higher self, opening your heart, andย expanding to reunite with Source, Christ Light, and all levels and layers of your authentic self. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Alignment with Pure Source Light in every area of life. Ultimately seeing the world in a different perspective. Ascension is not something that happens to us on a certain date, or that we unknowingly or unwillingly stumble into. Rather, through expanded awareness, and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend. Ascension is a process of aligning with higher consciousness and with the Divine. It doesn’t happen instantly or automatically, but rather ascension happens incrementally, as we increase our present moment illumination one step at a time.

Symptoms of Ascension, what is this? These symptoms are sed to classify an experience in which your soul is evolving, expanding, or moving into a higher vibration. A higher spiritual frequency. When this happens, many believe that you experience a set of symptoms ranging from feeling irritable, nausea, depression, headaches, night sweats and more. I am one of them. I have experienced these all and more! There lies some confusion in this for me though as experiencing psychic abilities arise more aggressively this year and to my knowledge unbeknownst to me before I thought I was just clinically losing ever loving mind. Part of me due to synchronicities of events and physical symptoms matched with present thoughts and experience in that given moment that these physical ailments and symptoms are the soul’s way of communicating with me through my body. Sometimes the emotional or spiritual factor is small, and other times it plays a more major role depending on condition or circumstances I sometimes feel that there is a deeper level of a spiritual or emotional reason for diseases and illnesses of some sort, like a cell memory formation in some cases. Squirrel moment, check out Past Lives Future healings written by Sylvia Browne. 15 years ago, I read that book in 2 days and it really brought me into a deep rabbit hole of past lives, cell memories, DeJa’Vu, experiences in a way are a history repeating itself.

My own experience has allowed me to believe that when a shift or a change in my life is needed, my physical body will start to give me clues. For example, when I had a traumatic experience in Junior High school, I was stressed out any day I had to attend. I would get anxious, tense and basically lived on Tylenol every day thinking it would help me. What I really needed to focus on was the healing in that experience and the signs my body was telling me I needed to do. I wasn’t aware, I believed in a lot of metaphysical things, spiritual beliefs, reincarnation before I even knew the definition. As if my soul just had that knowing. I feel like these “Symptoms” are often caused by the emotional and spiritual implications of needing to shift things in my life for the highest good of myself and those around me.

When we actually take a pause, listen to our bodies and essentially, our souls, it does help us to evolve spiritually. I never understood and I am not sure I ever will when I hear someone say they aren’t spiritual, I don’t know how that is possible or maybe could be just of that in lack of knowledge or research done in that matter? We have lessons here on earth to learn and grow from. Our soul has a plan and a purpose, and it took me a long time to decipher the meaning in that. It took me to truly work through lifelong traumas and healing to dive deep into my knowing of things and simply by experiences. When i listened to my body and continue to do so it allows my physical symptoms I have experienced to grow and heal and learn from them, essentially to evolve into a higher consciousness. Maybe being stuck in life and experiencing the emotional and spiritual implications of this cause us to manifest these physical conditions and then we address them, it helps us make much needed changes in our lives and move us to a better, more conscious place. The ascension processes. I feel it.

For those in question of these symptoms and a brief reasoning here is a list of the most common:

  • Feeling stressed or under a lot of pressure: This is to create more energetic space within you.
  • Depression: This is to remove the dark, past life and “skeletons” in the closet.
  • Anxiety/Hysteria: Indicative of loss of ego or identity.
  • Constant Hunger or lack of Appetite: your body is needing more fuel and also learning how to not rely on food.
  • Aches and pains especially in the upper back: Believed to be the “sprouting wings” and removing of energetic blocks.
  • Nausea/Diarrhea: a literal purging of all that needs to be let go of.
  • Deep sleep or waking up at the same time every night: gong through this process your body needs to rest, waking up during the night is indicative of creation and being in touch with other beings.
  • Feeling emotional: another sign that the “letting go” process is occurring and that you are becoming more empathetic with the world.
  • Night Sweats: a sign your body is moving to a higher vibration.
  • Feeling very cold: This is a sign your body is preparing to move up
  • vivid dreams: this is believed to be part of the process of releasing energies and past life trauma
  • Memory Loss: forgetting who you are, where you are going-all part of the process of finding the new you.
  • Seeing and hearing things: as you become more sensitive, you may begin to hear or see tings or get ringing in the ears.
  • loss of passion for life: part of the re-aligning process
  • A wanting to go “home”: you feel your connection to the source and want to return.
  • change in friends/locations/jobs: all part of your new, higher-self journey.
  • Heightened sensitivity: in ability to tolerate technology, crowds or bright lights.
  • Facing your fears: Perhaps it seems that your deepest fears have manifested, and you must work your way through them.

For myself honestly taking note of everything and what I have been feeling has been a huge help in my determining the meaning for me. These symptoms in my opinion really are just the soul’s way of communicating with us through our body. We don’t have to endure them to ascend, and neither do we just ascent from experiencing these experiences. I think that this is different for every single person, not all people are the same however, we may share some similar experiences we can relate and fall back on with one another.


We control our Reality

The power in Breath isn’t spoke about enough

Let’s chat about this for a min. Well, realistically I’ll write about this, and you will be reading. In fact, I’ll take this time right now to just say ๐’ฏ๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“ƒ๐“€ ๐’ด๐‘œ๐“Š for taking the time in reading these blogs I have been putting out here. I appreciate any time given to my passion & what I talk, speak, or write about. Truly means a lot.

So, we are all just energy, frequency, and vibration. I know I pretty much wrote about this the last blog as well, but I had a little more to add. Everything we experience is done through energy, frequency, and vibration. Your state of consciousness sets the state of your vibration. That vibration attracts your vibration. YOU create your story by giving it meaning through your own perspective. Change your perspective towards a negative experience or experiences you encounter, and you will change the story. There’s not positive without a negative SO use the negative as a way to learn and to grow facing something that seems to be a negative obstacle, PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE. Take some deep breaths, focus your attention to a more positive circumstance. Listen, where the mind goes, energy flows. Remember that!

Let me share a story with you that has been tremendous in my days of being a stay-at-home momma to my younger 2 children. When we are having a mid-break down over whatever it may be. The biggest to smallest thing will bring out a freak out in our days, you parents and even non parentals will get this. It’s in the human nature of little humans learning to navigate their emotions. First off, I like to grab my littles attention by asking them “What color are my eyes?”. They will typically say the color of my eyes and even pink and even the rainbow. Whether they’re right or wrong I don’t correct typically because they know my eye color…I simply tell them, “Ok, now that I have your full attention”. Then I ask my children to take the biggest deep breath in that they can possibly take until their belly blows up like a puffer fish kind of breath, right? Then I ask them to try and reach my nose. Most of the time my daughter just giggles so much, and she forgets her fit, my son will catch his breaths with me and then we talk about the emotion. I think it’s so important to start at a younger age to navigate our feelings and for us as adults to understand that of our children’s emotions too because listen you guys, we don’t just come born into this world knowing how to feel and where to put all of this energy, frequency, and vibrations. We are taught. I want my children to grow up with love, compassion, and know how to navigate the feelings we can sometimes get overwhelmed with. The amazing this about me doing this with my children is that MANY TIMES, have I forgot to “practice what I preach, right?” and I lose it at times as we all do, but guess where the beauty lies in this technique? My littles have now SOOO many times reminded me to catch my breath. Literally, will guide me as I do them to pause for the cause and take a deep breath. That allows me every time to check myself, check my emotions and if it’s really worth all of the energy it’s taken out of me in the moment and how we can better respond. IF we truly take the time and allow…. our little people are our teachers as much as we are theirs.

One of the things I try to remember myself and even I have hard days where I forget all that I have learned, read, was taught or self-taught is this. We can start our day over at any given moment. We really don’t need to sit in a funk for the whole day and just sit in a low vibrational frequency where everyone that we come in contact with or are around has to feel it to, right? Because everything really is a ripple effect. Our thoughts become our realities and our actions affect everyone around us. We set the tones for our days. Literally the captain of our own ships and can sail it however we want to. That is the beauty in this life is it is OUR VERY OWN!

Love the life you live, enjoy the world you are creating and spread the light and love to others.

I challenge you actually… I challenge YOU to smile at a stranger, wave hello to someone driving down the road, give a random compliment to someone. You would be so surprised how far a high vibrational gesture can go and make someone feel. In turn, you may be surprised at how good it makes YOU feel inside just by making someone elses day.

Sound healing, spiritual

Sound Healing, it’s a thing!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you’re listening to music you can feel some kind of way? whether that it gives you goosebumps, makes you cry, you can’t help but to shake your body and dance? Sound is so healing, and the frequencies go far beyond more than just a musical note. Let me share with you some things that I have learned as well as some inserts from a few findings I have come a crossed. It has been said โ€œPeople who get the chills have an enhanced ability to experience intense emotions,โ€. I can honestly say that for myself the more I have become connected to who I am, the more I learn to be in the present moment, the stronger I can truly feel more all around. I am a highly sensitive empath, but I don’t really feel that has much to do with it.

Here is a little information on a study that has been done. As it turns out, getting chills from music is not as common as you might think. Researchers from USC released a study that suggests that only about 50 percent of people feel things like shivers, a lump in their throat, and goosebumps when they listen to music. What’s more, those people might have very different brains than those who don’t experience those feelings. First, they gathered 20 people and had them listen to a selection of their favorite songs. Whenever they felt a chill, they pressed a button. All 20 were then given MRI scans โ€” and the 10 that reported reactions were obvious standouts. Their brains turned out to have a much higher volume of fibers connecting their auditory cortex to the areas that process emotion. More fibers mean that those two areas of the brain can communicate much more effectively. It also means that, because their emotional processing centers are beefier, those people are more able to experience extreme emotions. One report from 2007 found that individuals who experience frisson are more open to new experiences than others, and other studies described higher levels of creativity and intellectual curiosity. In other words, the appreciation of beauty is central to what makes us human, and frisson is just a super-charged version of that appreciation. I myself personally have experienced sometimes when I have not experienced goosebumps “angel bumps” if you will and that was simply because I wasn’t mentally connected, my mind was somewhere else.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that all creation vibrates in certain frequencies; So, what determines the frequency of vibration is determined by the process of reacting to our thoughts through the medium of feeling. Until it is felt, a thought is just a thought. That thought will manifest behavior once it has been emotionally felt or claimed as true. If you claim positive thoughts, you will vibrate at a higher frequency (quicker motion); if you claim negative thoughts, you will vibrate at a lower frequency (slower motion). Wherever your current vibration is, is what you will harmoniously attract. Now that you are aware of the law of vibration (Collective Consciousness), which is the sum of our thoughts combined. The collective consciousnesses guides the frequency of the Earth. Over the last hundred years, the overall frequency of the Earth has been rising due to an increase in collective awareness, collective intelligence, and extravagant studies unfolding. We are becoming more aware of the fact that vibration shapes our lives. As a result, breakthroughs, manifestations and overall constant miracles have been occurring.

Sofeggio Frequencies, what are they?

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with and promote various aspects of body and mind health. These frequencies are reputed to date back to ancient history and said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions, chanted by the Gregorian Monks and in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants. Physician and researcher, Dr. Joseph Puleo, rediscovered Solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s, bringing their benefits back into public awareness. In his research, he used mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in healing. Have you ever noticed when you are hearing a certain frequency or “tone” you can feel uncomfortable? Me too. Actually, when I first attempted to meditate, I couldn’t stand to sit in my own feelings or emotions. Listening to certain frequencies may also cause anxiety and tense emotions if you have some healing to do. In fact, the more I worked on my inner healing the easier it became for me to sit with myself and my emotions. Depending on the frequency and what it is used for, you might have something locked up and way, which is still bothering you today. Shadow work comes in huge for this and healing. Having anxiety or tense emotions is only part of the healing process; it means it’s working. It might not work overnight, but it will pick up the more you keep listening to the frequencies. Practice focusing on your breathing, staying in the present, and if thoughts arise, do not react; just observe. The brain processes information electrically, operating with a particular band of frequency. Your brain can actually decode the frequency like, and antenna does.

Healing Frequencies on the -Solfeggio Scale-

  • 174Hz-Relieve pain and tension
  • 285 Hz-Linked to the Root Chakra, used for safety.
  • 396 Hz-Liberating one from fear and guilt.
  • 417 Hz-Facilitating change and undoing situations. Releasing negativity and past trauma.
  • 432 Hz-Natural Universe frequency, its a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.
  • 528 Hz-Miracles and transformations like DNA repair. Cleanses disease and sickness. Healing impact is amplified through meditation.
  • 639 Hz-Relationships and reconnecting.
  • 741 Hz-Getting solutions, solving problems, expressing themselves.
  • 852 Hz-Returning one to spiritual order.
  • 963 Hz-create room for oneness and unity.


Music & your Chakras

Root Chakra-key concepts: safety, security, physicality, abundance, and basic human needs. Musical key- C

ROOT CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of C)

  • Halo-Beyonce
  • let it be-The Beatles
  • I will survive-Gloria Gaynor
  • Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley
  • No woman no cry-Bob Marley
  • Aint no mountain-Diana Ross
  • Private Eyes-Hall & Oates
  • Killing me softly-Fugees

Sacral Chakra-Key concepts: Pleasure, Creativity, Sexuality, Needs, Emotions, Passion, Inspiration. Musical key- D

SACRAL CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of D)

  • Waterloo-Abba
  • Under Pressure-Queen
  • Should I stay or should I go-The Clash
  • Cherish-Madonna
  • Moves like Jagger-Maroon 5
  • Sunshine of your love-Cream

Solar Plexus-Key concepts: Personal power, Identity, Opinion, Intellect, Action, Ambition, Will. Musical Key-E

SOLAR CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of E)

  • Africa-Toto
  • Isnt she lovely-Stevie Wonder
  • Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam
  • Soul Man-Sam & Dave
  • Single Ladies-Beyonce
  • Sympathy for the devil-The Rolling Stones
  • Norwegian Wood-The Beatles
  • Heart of Glass-Blondie
  • Just Dance-Lady Gaga

Heart Chakra-Key concepts: Love, Trust, Compassion, Empathy, Connection. Musical Key-F

HEART CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of F)

  • Open your heart-Madonna
  • Lets go Crazy-Prince
  • Crazy in Love-Beyonce
  • Just the way you are-Bruno Mars
  • Call Me-Blondie
  • All day and all of the night-The Kinks
  • Such Great Heights-The Postal Service
  • Mr. Blue Sky-ELO
  • At Last-Ella Fitzgerald
  • Tapestry-Carole King
  • You make my dreams come True-Hall & Oats

Throat Chakra-Key Concepts: Communication, Expression, Honesty, Voice, Authenticity, Purpose. Musical Key-G

THROAT CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of G)

  • Come as you are-Nirvana
  • Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
  • Creep-Radiohead
  • Another one bites the dust-Queen
  • Tangled p in Blue-Bob Dylan
  • L.O.V.E.- Nat King Cole
  • Take me out-Franz Ferdinand
  • The Chain-Fleetwood Mac
  • Thats All-Genesis

Third Eye Chakra-Key Concepts: Intuition, Psychic Perception, Dreams, Imagination, Foresight, Vision, Manifestation, Awareness. Musical key-A

THIRD EYE CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Songs in the key of A)

  • September-Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • Dancing Queen-Abba
  • Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
  • Hold the line-Tot
  • Take me home country roads-John Denver
  • Giving you the best that I’ve got-Anita Baker
  • Buffalo Soldier-Bob Marley
  • Mrs. Robinson-Paul Simon
  • Just like Heaven-The Cure

Crown Chakra-Key Concepts: Enlightenment, Consciousness, Divine Connection, Transcendence, Oneness. Musical key-B.

CROWN CHAKRA PLAYLIST (Song in the key of B)

  • Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
  • You are the sunshine of my life-Stevie Wonder
  • The Boxer-Simon & Garfunkel
  • Love will keep us together- Captain & Tennille
  • Revolution-The Beatles
  • Adagio in B Major-Mozart
  • She cries your name-Beth Orton
  • Burning down the house-Talking heads.

Utilize the healing of sound to heal your soul, get connected!

Now that there is a wide variety of gathered information from myself, as well as my findings I hope that you take the time to explore the healing of sound. I am taking a class in sound healing as well and I am excited to further share with you down the road what I have learned. If you are thinking “I have no idea where to even look, where to begin to find these things”. Well, have no fear I will share a few tips that have worked for me. Big Ol overrated Google search engine can always come in clutch. Another tool that has helped me tremendously is Youtube. You will be surprised at how many recourses that are out there when you open your mind, clear your time, and you explore the depths of some of these rabbit holes. Just don’t get stuck there, come up for air. You will find that in almost all musical platforms where you can play music from such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music you can pretty much search any Hz, or healing frequencies. If you feel like you will never make the time to do this on your own because you know…Life. Do what I have done, set an alarm on your phone to remind you at bedtime to put on an 8-hour healing youtube video or whatever platform of your choice and let your subconscious mind do to healing for you as you sleep. Do this a number of times and you just may surprise yourself.


Spiritual Abilities

We all have themโ€ฆ..

In some form or another weโ€™ve all had them since birth, many of us have simply been conditioned to either suppress them or worse, ignore them completely. If youโ€™ve ever experienced dรฉjร  vu or in some strange way you simply had a knowing about something, whether or not you actually had evidence to support it, in those moments you were experiencing the beauty of your spiritual gifts coming through. .

Now, you may be thinking – but wait! 

I donโ€™t want to mess with anything spiritual because Iโ€™m afraid of what might happen.

Rest assured this is a common misconception. For many, when the topic of psychic abilities or mediumship comes up, the first things that many bring to mind are images or interpretations of things youโ€™ve either seen in movies or have heard through others.

When you discover these magical abilities have been inside of you all along, itโ€™s a beautiful thing when youโ€™re able to manage them and have a deeper better understanding of what is really happening within you, and around you. The opportunity to actually demystify the misconceptions around the topic is actually pretty comforting.

What abilities are there? We will use Caiola as an example in these explanations and examples.

1. Claircognition

Claircognition is really all about having intense gut feelings and using that information to guide you. For instance, Caiola says she uses her claircognition (or psychic knowing) in tarot readings to decode messages from the universe. Doing this allows her to tap into the energy of a situation or individual, and โ€œenergetically downloadโ€ information about their past, present, or future.

โ€œThis can be as productive for predicting a working relationship as it is acute for observing the end of a career path,โ€ says Caiola. โ€œThis ends up being a steady โ€˜channelโ€™ of communication that flows through me to the person who needs it.โ€

2. Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance refers to psychic seeing, and every medium has different depictions of what they see and how they see it. Very often, this comes across as a sort of screen that pops up before them to provide messages in the form of pictures and symbols. It may also show up as a visual of a person with distinct characteristics, or a warning of the future scenario. They may see a person with their distinct individual visual characteristics or warn you of a scenario they see in your future.

โ€œMy beloved psychic Mike is clairvoyant and has described the physical characteristics of my current boyfriendโ€”two years before I met himโ€”and will tell me to โ€˜lower my shoulders,โ€™ seeing theyโ€™ve crept up while on a phone call,โ€ says Caiola. โ€œOne of the most well-known psychic mediums, Laura Lynne Jackson, describes a โ€˜widescreen TVโ€™ that opens in her mind to serve as the mainframe for the psychic messages that come through in her readings.โ€

3. Clairaudience

Pull the โ€œaudiโ€ out of clairaudience, and you can probably deduce that itโ€™s describing psychic hearing, or being able to have messages really amplified.

โ€œMessages that come through via clairaudience will sound like a thought, but louder and more pronounced during a channeling session.โ€ โ€”Alex Caiola, astrologer and tarot reader

โ€œMessages that come through via clairaudience will sound like a thought, but louder and more pronounced during a channeling session,โ€ says Caiola. โ€œI experience this form of channeling as well, and can describe it as words popping into my head and coming through unfiltered, directly to my client to further illustrate a point.โ€ For example, in a recent reading, Caiola blurted out that a client was coming off as controlling, โ€œwhich I would normally cushion in my own communication style,โ€ she says. โ€œInstead of being offended, she took to the information instantly and constructively. Sometimes, your guides need you to hear a particular word above all others!โ€

4. Clairsentience

The final of the four clair senses is clairsentience, which is a tactile psychic feeling. โ€œPicture this: Youโ€™re reading a passage and have the chills come over you when describing a particular place,โ€ says Caiola. โ€œOr, you shake hands with a person and their touch sparks a comfort in you like youโ€™ve known them your whole life. These are examples of clairsentience, also known as psychic sensory experiences. These vibes are meant to clue you into the particular feeling itself for extraordinary information.โ€

For myself when I tap into my intuition and spirit energy, my mind and body become flooded with mental impressions: thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, tastes and smells. At first I thought I was losing my mind and going crazy. Turned out I wasnโ€™t. I even have the ability to feel others physical ailments at times as well.

Iโ€™ve always known Iโ€™ve been โ€œdifferentโ€ my whole life and my purpose was bigger than I ever imagined, I just had this knowing and the validation has been comforting. In my honest opinion the best gift I have given myself is the inner healing, the non stop educating myself and experiencing this journey at my most and with an open mind and trusting that all things are possible.