Let’s discuss negative effects of Procrastination

I felt compelled to blog this topic for a few reasons. I’ve felt and noticed not being solo in the circumstances of procrastinating. Yesterday having a conversation with my little sister we were discussing “procraftination”. The art of procrastinating utilizing crafting to take away from other responsibilities at hand. Well that’s been the case as well was not the case for me…. So it made me want to dig deeper to a more rooted issue to why people procrastinate and the negative effects it has on us. I’ve noticed falling into a pattern and want to change for the highest good of all.


What is procrastination?



  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.”your first tip is to avoid procrastination”

Are you self aware, yet stuck in the pattern?

That self-awareness is a key part of why procrastinating makes us feel so rotten. When we procrastinate, we’re not only aware that we’re avoiding the task in question, but also that doing so is probably a bad idea. And yet, we do it anyway. “This is why we say that procrastination is essentially irrational,”

A constant misconception that Procrastinators are lazy! Are they?

Procrastinators tend to not be lazy

What is interesting, is that many procrastinators are actually very driven individuals and anything but lazy. Procrastinators often have very high standards for themselves and ambitious goals they want to achieve. They just get stuck in this fight or flight stage. It found that the brains of procrastinators have a larger amygdala, which is part of the limbic system known for fight or flight. “What’s happening is what we call the ‘amygdala hijack,’” says a psychologist. “The procrastinators are reacting emotionally, and the emotion-focused coping response is to escape.

Procrastination affects us negatively in ways that affect our mental health, our well being, our drive to our day to days. “Where our mind goes, energy flows”. Squirrel?

Negative ways procrastinating affects your life.

1. Poor decision making is one of the worst effects of procrastination. When you procrastinate, you make decisions based on criteria that most likely wouldn’t be there if you didn’t procrastinate, like pressure to finally make a decision because time is running out. Emotions heavily influence the decisions we make, and procrastination increases negative emotions, which can push us into making decisions that don’t serve us in the long run. Instead of rushing through decisions while procrastinating, write out all the possibilities and find a calm moment to analyze the pros and cons of each.

2. Ruining your reputation. When you keep saying you will do something and you don’t, your reputation gets tarnished, as nobody wants empty promises. Besides damaging your own reputation, you are damaging your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will find that it gets easier to procrastinate each time because you are not surprising yourself anymore. People could stop depending on you and hold back on offering you opportunities because they could be worried that you will simply procrastinate, leaving them to clean up the mess. Therefore ruins relationships.

3. Could affect your health & well being. Among the effects of procrastination are mental health problems like stress and anxiety, and these in turn are linked to health issues. If your procrastination leads to feelings of depression, this will start to affect other areas of your life. If you procrastinate too much with something, it will most likely start to stress you out and cause anxiety, especially when other people or things are involved, and all of this can lead to poor health outcomes.

4. Ruining your career! The way you work directly affects your results, how much you achieve, and how well you perform, so the effects of procrastination can end up being detrimental to your career. Procrastination may prevent you from meeting deadlines or achieving your monthly targets. What consequence will this eventually have on your career? You might miss out on promotions or even be at risk of losing your job. You can try to hide it for a while, but don’t doubt that long-term procrastination at work will almost certainly

5. Lowering your self esteem. This is one of the vicious circles you might find yourself in. We tend to procrastinate because low self-esteem makes us feel that we won’t be able to get a task or project done the right way. Unfortunately, procrastinating only increases feelings of low self-esteem, making us doubt ourselves even more. One study involving 426 college students found that “academic procrastination was negatively predicted by self-esteem, and self-control”.


  • Create time blocks
  • Make practical lists
  • Change your environment or people not serving your highest good
  • Reduce the number of decisions you need to make throughout the day
  • Eliminate your procrastination pit stops
  • Set practical goals and time limits, check them off
  • Stop complicating things
  • JUST DO IT!!!!!! Stop thinking you have to do it, need to do it, JUST FUCKING DO IT!!!

Look, we all have tendencies to be a procrastinator at some point in our lives however it really does not look good on us right?! At the end of the day it ends with us and I don’t know about you! But I do know when I procrastinate on things I don’t feel good in my mind set, I’m hard on myself, then I worry and am concerned for my productivity, or that I’m not dependable and I don’t like to feel as if I’m inadequate of making the decision to just do or risking my reputation and the ability to be counted on. I know I’ve sat in the funk of what it’s felt like and how many things I could pat myself on the back for regarding tasks at hand and the weight it feels when it’s lifted of accomplishment so I’m going to hold on to that feeling & try harder.

Happy Hump Day & I hope you found this helpful, motivating & if you’re procrastinating today… just effing do your dang thang already!


I’ve been MIA 😳 I have news for you!!

I wanted to share a little update

I believe my last post was February 19th, 2022!! It was just five short days that really seemed a big blur to me after some huge life changing news. You see, at the end of January I had decided to make an appointment with my primary care provider for some concerns I felt I was having & led to an appointment for some ultrasounds to discover what could be the culprit.

Interesting enough you know, sometimes we have these universal nudges or you can even have your higher self present to you a choice to make, some news, a piece of information, a statement, even a single word that makes you look deeper into it for some answers. Is it just me? No? Ok, I didn’t think so. Let’s just get to it. A week prior to this special event I had my dollar tree test that’s been sitting in my closet for months get knocked off my shelf in my closet to the floor that for whatever reason I kept just eye 👁 balling it laying there after the umpteen hundred of times that I didn’t just pick the dang thing up. Left it on the floor! I typically read into everything because all things can mean something and that’s my opinion. Well let’s fast forward to Valentine’s Day morning, this was the day after one of my besties had shared with me some news that she’s expecting!!! I asked her to come over and spend Valentine’s Day with me and she had some goodies from Mount Shasta to give me anyways and a special present!!! Boy did I not expect the news I was going to find out!! So….. Valentines morning is upon me & it’s early. I am going to the restroom (yes, may be TMI) but……. I hear MY OWN VOICE in my head say “TAKE THAT TEST!!”. To be honest with you, I thought nothing of it until later that mid morning when I received the text message that she’s on her way over I had a notion that the “take that test!” was that I need to take that pregnancy test that fell off the shelf in my closet that I have stared at for over a week every time I walked passed it. My dear friend gets here and I tell her about my voice I heard to take the test, I think I’m crazy but can she hang out with the littles while I go pee on this test. I do it!!! Not even a minute passes and it’s POSITIVE! I had no idea! I had no inclination. Nor did I want to be!!! I was to start my cycle the next day & not to mention I’ve taken precautionary action to NOT get pregnant including 2 plan B on a few occasions JUST to be extra cautious. Yes I’m being extremely open and vulnerable. We decided to go to the store and purchase another test that was digital and not just a dollar tree pregnancy test to send to my husband who was probably having a heart attack at work and prove to him I didn’t just have my bestie pee on a stick 🤭🫣. Again….Positive, and very much positive. I had since taken 5 home pregnancy tests as well as a blood test with the hospital. Your girl here is very much pregnant. Let’s just say that my end of January appointment that we initially scheduled ultrasounds for to discover whatever ailments I was having in this said ultrasound well could’ve been myself being just hyper in tune with my body and my reproductive cycle. That the life cycle process has started!!! I’m thinking what I was experiencing was my body telling me that it was in preparation for creating life and bringing this soul who was definitely persistent at making a presence known. February 18, 2022 we had a confirmation in my ultrasound that was now turned into a prenatal ultrasound that there in fact was an intact embryo and very much pregnant. EDD of 10/22/2022… look at all of them Angel numbers baby! Universe had another plan for me. We are expecting daughter number 2, child 6 for our family.

I have been processing, managing this pregnancy, and extreme all day sickness the first 3.5 months, figuring out my new routines as a stay at home momma to two young ones at home still. Stepping back away from fear of what happened my last delivery (I had hemorrhaged) the fact that this is my 7th pregnancy, 6th baby & just our new life ahead!! I have been taking a break from life just to function daily and listening to my body. How beautiful is this though that I get to be pregnant with one of my dearest friends who is due just the day after me!!! We find out one day apart we are expecting! & just the miraculous ways the universe creates things in our life. Did I even mention one of my gifts was this GIANT heart shape rock from this most magical place!! Mount Shasta! Hearts have sooo much meaning to me. They show up daily!

This pregnancy is absolutely magical in the synchronizations and I’m just ready to absorb all of this in the most positive ways possible while still continuing to manage what my souls purpose entails.

I wanted to update my absence here and begin to share this website I created and my love for what feeds my soul with all who this comes in contact with.

So to my audience, my family and my friends, Thank you for being here!