May 19๐ŸŒ‘End of Eclipse & New Moon blog continues

We are noticing things in truth as we see it. Moving towards what authentically is ours, we want it then we got it. Only putting energy into what we want to attract. What we want is ours if we put our efforts to that. Our focus on our relationships with ourselves, nourishing and loving from the inside out, putting effort into our plans and executing them, focusing on our finances, our homes and creating the future we want and always have. Doing the due diligence to put out thoughts in a direction for those abundant things to come to fruition

“The New Moon is occurring in Taurus at 28 degrees on May 19 at 11:53 AM ET. This New Moon marks the closing of the Eclipse portal and the end of the Eclipse Season. Though it is over, the intense energy that has been created during this cycle and the aftereffects can be felt for months.

This Moon can bring awareness to truth that has remained unseen for a long time. All hope is not lost, no matter what our perceptions or experiences have been in the past. Taurus asks us to have faith as we move towards what we authentically want. A great renewal is at hand and it brings with it sweeping tides of transformation.

Love and finances are highlighted under this New Moon. This is a good time to take care of our affairs, get money matters in order and make sure things are secure. Put energy and effort into your home environment as well. Hardworking Taurus wants us to focus on plans for the future, so take the time needed to create goals for what you want to accomplish. There can be an awakening to new opportunities or realizations that shift perspectives in bold new directions.

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