What is the Earths heartbeat?

The Earths vibration, The Schumman Resonance.

DATES: Look at the top of the chart. Youโ€™ll see that the chart divides into three-day sequences, with the dates printed across the top horizontal of the chart. Dates move left to right, most recent on the right.

TIMES: Next, look at the the bottom of the chart. Youโ€™ll see the times, which present in a 0-24 hour sequence, one block of 24 hours for each corresponding date above. The chart uses local Tomsk (Siberia) time which is GMT+7. Youโ€™ll need to convert the chart times to your local time. Iโ€™m in the US, so the equivalents here are:

United States Conversions:

Eastern (GMT-4): Chart minus 11 hrs

Central (GMT-5): Chart minus 12 hrs

Mountain (GMT-6): Chart minus 13 hrs

Pacific (GMT -7): Chart minus 14 hrs

STAY TUNED BELOW FOR MY DUMMY DOWN VERSION THAT HELPED ME HAHA a lot of the information could be tad bit overwhelming in the beginning.

SR VALUES: Now look at the left vertical side of the chart. These numbers represent the framework for reading the Schumann Resonance peak values โ€” lowest at top progressing to the highest at bottom, in increments of 4 Hz. SR frequencies are relatively stable and do not change. Also, there is not just one SR frequency, but an array of peak frequencies. The SR values cover a range from 3 Hz to 60 Hz, with set values at intervals roughly 6.5 Hz apart, except for the lowest value, 4.11. Because different authorities post slightly different values for the SR peaks, here are the rounded off SR peak values pretty much agreed upon universally: 4, 7.83 (fundamental SR), 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45, 59. All measured in Hz or cycles per second.

The SR frequencies are read ACROSS or HORIZONTALLY, usually in the green intensity shade. You can easily track a specific frequency through the 3-day cycle. Youโ€™ll see that the green lines typically indicate at the 7.83, 14, 20, and 26 Hz frequencies. Other frequencies youโ€™ll see, less frequently, are the lowest, 4 Hz, and the 33 Hz and higher.

SR AND HUMAN BRAINWAVES: Hereโ€™s the cool part: These Schumann Resonance ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves in the Earthโ€™s magnetic field just happen to OVERLAP with the electrical patterns (โ€œbrain wavesโ€) observed across the cortex of the human brain. Studies have shown that SR frequencies have particular effects on the human brain and nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the autonomous nervous system, circadian rhythms, immune function, DNA, and more. The fundamental Schuman Resonance, 7.83 Hz, corresponds to the high theta of the human brainwave range.

Human brainwaves and SR correspondences:

Delta: 0 Hz to 4 Hz corresponds with SR 4.11 Hz

Theta: 4 Hz to 8 Hz corresponds with SR 4.11 Hz, SR 7.83 Hz

Alpha: 8 Hz to 12 Hz corresponds with SR 7.83 Hz

Beta: 12 Hz to 30 Hz* corresponds with SR 14 Hz, 20 Hz, 26 Hz

Gamma: 30 Hz to 100 Hz corresponds with SR 33 Hz, 39 Hz, 45 Hz, 59 Hz

*There are differing opinions among authorities as to the demarcation between upper limit of beta and onset of gamma brainwaves. Some cite 25 Hz, others 40 Hz. Most seem to cite 30 Hz. Just know that upper value is a bit fluid.

SO NOW LET’S GET INTO THIS MY WAY shall we. What is the Earths vibration? Let’s just say that our beautiful Mother Earth has a ‘heartbeat’ of 7.83 Hz, and it could affect human behavior! I know that it does in fact affect me. Did you know flashes of lightning strikes our planet roughly 50 times every second, and results in the form of low frequency electromagnetic waves that engulf the entire planet?? clues in Bill Nye the science guy music.

Studies show or should I say suggest that these waves of frequency actually have an impact on humans, obviously as I stated above. In 2016 Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory of Canada’s Laurentian University saw 238 measurements from 184 individuals over a period of three and a half years showed strange and unpredictable similarities in the spectral patterns and strengths of electromagnetic fields that were generated by human brain activity and the Earth-ionosphere resonance of 7.83 Hz to hypnosis, meditation, as well as growth hormones in humans.

‘New Age Science’ many believe that Schumman resonance can be affected by the human consciousness. So a global rise in anxiety, tension, or stress (much of that we experienced during the initial months of the pandemic). Could affect the Schumman Resonance. Alternatively, even an unusual spike in these frequencies could have an impact on human and animals.

Breakdown of the Graph

Blue-The calm (homeostasis)

Red-Dense energy or blockages

Green-Alchemized (healing energy)

White- high frequency energy or light codes.

The enjoyment I find in the Schumman app is because it has really validated how I feel or felt in the moment these frequencies are coming in. These frequencies that come in are caused by the solar flares. Solar flares such as a M-Class (extreme High frequencies) bring in symptoms just like Schumman. They’re all connected. Headaches, thirst, anxieties.

Those who are really sensitive to energies are more effected than others systematically. When we have a geometric storm or a kp index getting to a level four that means it takes around 48 minutes for that speed to propagate from DSCOVR to Earth. So that means the solar wind was dense energy when these happen it brings in big experience in energies. Red denseness you transmuted and alchemized that through your solar plexus and in your heart area. Then there’s upgrades through the blasts of light (the white) and then there is the calm with homeostasis. So, there’s sometimes you will literally feel every phase in energies within a 24-hour period. Symptoms with that could include headaches, increased emotions (highs and lows), dizziness, sore lower back pain as well as third eye pressure. The best things to do when this happens is to hydrate, go outside and place your feet into the ground and ground yourself energetically, meditate. If you don’t take the time to take care of your vessel during these high frequencies, you will experience all of the unpleasantries and then question why you’re feeling that way. I am not doctor nor am I a professional BUT I am sharing MY experience. I have had nights of insomnia-enhancing my awakening expanding my abilities, Increased thirst feeling of dehydrations, headaches in my crown center and channeling these abilities as well as experienced anxiety in my stomach and in my heart.

The best gift we can give ourself is our health and acknowledgment of all the feelings, being vulnerabble and diligent in taking the time to observe and find answers and fix what isn’t comfortable and this is my reason for sharing this blog with you all.

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